Developer Documentation


Tailrender supports the creation of multiple environments. Environments are useful for teams who manage staging, development, and production environments separately. Environments are also useful for project separation. For instance, you may be a developer working on multiple projects at any given time and you might separate each project into its own environment.

At sign-up, a "Production" environment is created for you. You can create additional environments as needed.

Creating an environment

To create a new environment, head to the organization page dashboard ("Environments" page). Enter the name of the environment you want to create and click the "Create Environment" button. An API key will be generated for you and added to the environment. You can find the API key on the environments page.

Deleting an environment

To delete an environment, head to environments page and find the environment you'd like to delete. Click the "Delete" button and confirm that you'd like to delete the environment. Once an environment is deleted, it cannot be restored. All templates as well as render logs will be deleted as well.

Templates in an environment

Templates are environment specific. If you attempt to use an API key from an environment other than the one the template is associated with, you will receive a "Not Found" error.